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Here at Inertia Consulting, we don’t limit ourselves to one target industry. Our business certification specialists are trained and experienced across a wide range of business types and sizes. From small businesses embarking on a period of growth to large organisations needing to get their management systems in order, we’re the team to call.

Our primary certification focuses on the ISO Standards, however, we have also worked with other certification types that include Forestry (FSC and Responsible Wood), Sugarcane (Bonsucro and BMP Sugar), Cattle (BMP Cattle), Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA), Civil Aviation (CASA), Zero Waste and others.

Over the years we have worked with a multitude of organisations across several industries including Agriculture; Civil Construction; Fabrication; Helicopter Maintenance; Mining and Earthmoving; Architecture Companies and others.

So, if it is certification or compliance that you are after, we are the organisation that can help you get the job done.



For HSEQ auditing and consulting in the construction industry, Inertia Consulting is the team that works for you. Meeting regulatory requirements in the building and constructing industry can seem like a minefield at times, but we’re here to guide you through. Managing your HSEQ requirements can be a full-time job, but hiring someone can be a nightmare. You either go cheap and the job isn’t done properly, or you need to increase your prices to cover a full-time experienced professional.

Inertia Consulting offers a comfortable alternative, helping you manage all of your regulatory requirements at a price that’s more affordable for your budget. From advising on the accreditations your workers should have to helping you gain ISO accreditation, you can count on Inertia.


Inertia Consulting has a long history of working with clients within the agriculture industry, such as forestry, sugarcane growers and processors, cattle growers and others primary industries. There are several ways that we can assist agricultural operations to thrive, especially by way of helping you obtain relevant certifications and model your business on a best-practice framework.

Our consultants are skilled to assist with industry specific certifications, such as Best Management Practice – Sugar, Best Management Practice – Cattle, Forest Stewardship Council, Responsible Wood certification, Chain of custody accreditation and others . Whether you’re a large farming operation, a producer or manufacturer, or even a contracting business in agriculture, Inertia Group has the expertise to help you.

Mining and Earthmoving

The mining industry, as well as all earthmoving operations, are highly regulation, particularly in the areas of environmental impact and work health and safety. Businesses need to remain compliant to all national standards, codes of practice and regulatory requirements. We provide a comprehensive HSEQ consulting service to those in the mining and earthmoving industry, from offering consulting services to assisting with accreditations.

For example, we can assist with the following ISO Standard accreditation, helping guide you through the process of implementing management systems and becoming accredited.

With extensive industry experience and knowledge of the framework you need to operate in, Inertia Consulting is the smart choice.


Most businesses have an administrative side, and this is an area that we have extensive expertise in. From architects to office-based admin, our consulting and auditing services are designed to help improve our business while meeting all regulatory frameworks relevant to your work. This might include implementing an information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001. Quality management can also be addressed through ISO 9001. If it improves your business, we can make it happen.

Some types of businesses that can benefit from our services include:

For all HSEQ certifications in the administrative industry, Inertia Consulting has the expertise to bring you up to speed.

Inertia Consulting offers a range of consulting services across all matters relating to HSEQ. A big part of that is helping organisations achieve ISO certification in the standards that are relevant to what they do. Most importantly, our services are tailored to your individual needs, and we work across a wide range of industries.

Our ISO Certification specialists can provide consulting services to suit any budget, whether it be for a fixed term or to achieve a specific set of operational or key skill requirements.

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